What is Ballin Gaming?

Ballin Gaming is a website centralized around a community of members who enjoy playing Computer Games, Xbox Games, Playstation Games etc. These members have the ability to post their gaming content (YouTube Videos), for other gamers to check out and give support/feedback. We don’t limit or restrict the type of games being discussed or posted by our members.

We are all here for one common goal: Gain exposure on our YouTube Channels and at the same time help others gain exposure as well.

As our website was launched little over a week ago we are very new. This means that we are constantly growing and adapting to the demands of our members. If you think we are missing something, need to change something or just have an idea for the website please feel free to post in the Ideas and Requests thread.

We also offer a Media outlet that is updated hourly with all the most recent gaming news throughout the world.

To LEARN MORE about our site checkout our About Ballin Gaming Thread.


You can submit your YouTube videos for more exposure?

Yes you can. Posting videos in our Post Your Videos section will allow you to share your content with other gamers such as yourself. This will help your Channels gain extra exposure through the help and support of the community.


How often can I post?

Currently we have no limits to how many videos you can post. All we ask in return is that you help our other members by liking their content as well.


Is there a minimum age? 

We currently do not have an age limit. With that being said, we are committed to creating a friendly, vibrant community full of gaming addicts from around the world!

If you cannot handle our simple Code Of Conduct then you are probably to young to be here.


How to become a member of Ballin Gaming?

If you are reading this then you are already halfway there! You simply need to Register and get posting!

As we are committed to growing a positive environment your accounts may be subject to reviewal. In some cases it may take up to 24hrs for you to be accepted to the website and granted full access to our forums. In the mean time registered users may still post in the public forums.

Yes, we understand this can be an inconvenience but by doing this we ensure that the members registering for our website are legitimate and not spam accounts.

If it has been 24hrs and you still have not been accepted please feel free to PM a staff.


Which content can you post in Ballin Gaming

Here at Ballin Gaming we do not limit or restrict any games being posted or discussed. The sky is the limit.

If you currently do not see a game that fits in any of our forum categories be sure to drop a suggestion in our members suggestion forum. You may need to be a member to make website suggestions.


How do I use the forums?

Our forums are pretty simple and self explanatory to use. If you are using your own signatures and avatars we do ask you to not use huge images, and excessive animations which can become quite irritating after a while. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to ask an Admin!


Are there any rules in Ballin Gaming?

Yes. Ballin Gaming does not endorse actions that contravene your respective games’ EULA and rules. We also do not tolerate abusive, disrupt full, racist and otherwise any disrespectful behaviour on our website.

Before signing up we ask that you read the following documents:

BallinGaming Code Of Conduct

At Ballin Gaming we strive to keep a good and upstanding reputation throughout the gaming community. Abusing or insulting other Ballin Gaming members in our forums is not appreciated and will not be tolerated if done repeatedly.


FAQ didn’t help me! Can someone please help answer my question?

If one of your questions wasn’t answered in our FAQ be sure to drop a message in our Welcome Area!