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About Ballin Gaming (BG):

Ballin Gaming is a website centralized around a community of members who enjoy playing Computer Games, Xbox Games, Playstation Games etc. These members have the ability to post their gaming content (YouTube Videos), for other gamers to check out and give support/feedback. We don't limit or restrict the type of games being discussed or posted by our members.

We are all here for one common goal: Gain exposure on our YouTube Channels and at the same time help others gain exposure as well.

As our website was launched little over a week ago we are very new. This means that we are constantly growing and adapting to the demands of our members. If you think we are missing something, need to change something or just have an idea for the website please feel free to post in the Ideas and Requests thread.

We also offer a Media outlet that is updated hourly with all the most recent gaming news throughout the world.


Values & Beliefs

  • At Ballin Gaming we believe that all interactions should be fun, should be enjoyable, and we believe that everyone should be able to participate without having to worry about any anti-social behavior being directed towards them.
  • We believe that each gamer should have the same chance as any others to share their content creations in a safe and positive environment.
  • We believe that a gaming community who uphold high community standards makes the experience more enjoyable for all.
  • We believe that being a gamer is something to be celebrated and embraced.

To support these core beliefs the community is guided and held to our Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct: (The code of conduct is listed here as well in our code of conduct section)


Below you will find a list of rules and guidelines to insure you have a positive experience with BallinGaming.com.

In the event that any of these rules are abused/broken may result in a warning, ban or permanent ban for all guilty parties.



1) Make sure to keep all posts in the correct forum categories and within their respective topics.

2) Through joining and becoming a member of Ballin Gaming, you agree to uphold this spirit of BG, within our forums, our communications services (future feature), in game (if you meet up in online gameplay), and in the wider community.

3) No Spamming, this is when your forum post(s) go against the nature of the forum topic, or doesn't contribute anything to the forum.

4) Please be kind and helpful to everyone in the forums and refrain from any vulgar or abusive language.

5) No Advertising: Do not use the forums to advertise anything outside this website for your own personal benefit; Examples of advertising or promoting any of the following: forums, brands, Social Media accounts, product websites, etc.

6) We require our members to act in a lawful manner, and that they will not contravene or encourage others to contravene Software License Agreements.


***If anything of the above is abused the post will be subject to removal. Anything else not viewed as helpful or community building to this website will be removed.


Ballin Ix

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