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Have you been a member of the a Forum Moderator team before?: Yes, I was a gaming forum moderator (for about 1 year).

Do you have any experience with forum management?: Yes, I do.

How often would you be able to be online each day?: It depends. Sometimes only twice a day, sometimes more than 8 times a day.

How would you help as a moderator on our Forums?: Just basic forum monitoring and management: observing if the forum users follow the rules... Also, replying to the posts, helping others and advising towards the tech / hardware stuff, content creation.

Your age?: 20

Is this your main account on the forums? If no, list your old account names: Yes, this is my main account: Singlecore_official

Could you learn and enforce the forum rules? If so, list one of the forum rules that you feel you would be the best at enforcing and why: Yes, I already learned it and I will enforce it in the future, when the forum will be on the growth and maturity phases.

Since, the forum has no age limit, one rule is especially critical to build a nice community here: "4) Please be kind and helpful to everyone ..."

As example, when I was a forum moderator back at 2015, we have seen that most of toxicity were coming from 8 to 16 year old individuals. Verbal language does not make forum to look good and solid.

Another would be: No Advertising. It is just not the right place to advertise your business, because, to be honest it really annoys. In my opinion, forums should be 100% adds free (including the ones, from which forum administration could benefit, see example below):


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